We make the imaginable tangible

We’re a Marketing & Design Boutique based in San Francisco and Montevideo. We believe that High Definition pictures can only be made by working one pixel at a time. We help our clients focus on their vision and execute it to perfection.



Encompasses graphic design, advertising and communications. Move fast and iterate is our mantra. It’s the beating drum that keeps our teams nimble and empowers us to experiment and challenge the norm.


We transform ideas into impactful graphic design solutions. We’re technically and creatively skilled to translate your brand into its best self. With a wealth of experience designing collateral for household names and small businesses alike, we can assist you with any design requirements you may have from small, single page flyers to rebranding or building a whole new brand.

We may work in the digital space, but our real aim is to build true human connections. We provide ongoing digital strategy and optimization for social media (Facebook, Instagram, you name it) and Google campaigns, display advertising and email marketing. We're in charge of every step of the process: creative, execution, and performance monitoring and analysis. You take care of your business, we’ll handle your digital campaigns.


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We partner with you to create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and communication while establishing a strong company culture that keeps your workforce engaged. Our aim is to help you make work a better place, for you and for the people around you, through cunningly creative communication.

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Design, Marketing & Strategy

Sole has more than 10 years' experience in graphic design, developing creative solutions for clients in various industries and countries. Her creative talent perfectly matches with her experience  leading marketing teams at companies such as  Bosch&Cia, Groupon y Punta del Este Operadora. Her Mac isn’t her only love, she also spends time with her kids: Juani and Simón.

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Marketing, Communications & Strategy

Pata has a BSc. in advertising and a Master in Business Management at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. She has more than 10 years' experience in marketing, and there’s no digital challenge that she’s not up to. She managed marketing and communications departments in companies such as Groupon, Life Cinemas and Montecable. She’s passionate about traveling and nowadays shares her time between Montevideo and San Francisco. 



If you need to work on your marketing and communications' strategy or campaigns, transform ideas into unique designs or just discuss some ideas, we want to help you!

San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA


If you need to work on your marketing and communications strategy or campaigns, transform ideas into unique designs or just share some thoughts about the future of your company, we want to help you!

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San Francisco

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